Ceremony Assina Contrato Projecto Nacional ho Naran NCP VII dia 14 de Junho 2022 iha salao MTC
Ministro dos Transportes e Comunicações José Agostinho da Silva Ho Ministro dos Transportes Indonesia, DR. Budi Karya Sumadi Assina Nota Intendemento rua iha Jakarta- Indonesia, 21 de Janeiro 2019.

Minister of Transport and Communications - José Agostinho da Silva

Minister of Transport and Communications

José Agostinho da Silva

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is the government department responsible for designing, implementing, coordinating and evaluating the policy, defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, in the sectors of transport and communications and specifically is in charge or proposing and executing the Ministry's policy on transport and communications; to formulate, develop and ensure the implementation and enforcement of the legal and regulatory framework of the transport and communications sectors; to develop and regulate the activity of transport and communications as well as optimize the means of communication; to ensure the coordination of the transport sector and to encourage complementarity between its various modes, as well as its competitiveness, in order to improve user satisfaction; to promote management, as well as the adoption of technical and regulatory standards regarding the public use of communications services; guarantee the provision of public telecommunications services and the use of radioelectric space, through public undertakings or the provision of public service to private entities; maintain and develop national meteorological and seismic monitoring and information systems, including the construction and maintenance of their infrastructures; promote and coordinate scientific research and technological development in the fields of civil, land, air and maritime transport; establish mechanisms of collaboration and coordination with other government bodies with oversight over related areas.

Under the Ministry of Transport and Communications are: Administration of the Ports of Timor-Leste - APORTIL; Administration of Airports and Air Navigation - ANATLEP; Civil Aviation Authority of Timor-Leste - AACTL; ANC – National Communications Authority.


 Iha dia 14 de Junho 2022,   Ministerio dos  Transportes e Comunicações nian, liu  husi  Ex Senhor  Ministro Jose Agustinho Halao ceremony assina Contrato  ba projecto NCP VII iha salao MTC  ho  Representante   operador Telecomcel .nebe maka sai hanesan manan nain ba Projecto ne'e. 

ba fungsionario tomak husi Direcção Nacional de Informação Communicacoes  Ministro husu atu servico ho di diak no responsablidade.

 dili 14 de junho de 2022

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